The Mind is Not Your Friend.

Like a great politician it wants to Divide and Conquer.

Once you take control , you can reprogram, delete what’s not needed, and make space for what is wanted.

This is a practice worth cultivating for the Rest of your life. With self care comes self realization. With compassion for self , when I’m aligned with all that is real and true , I am free to be me in a world that has gone out of its way to program me, to own my time, to tell me how I should be, think and act

No thank you, I tried your way, it’s not for me. If your still reading this, it’s not for you either. Stay here a moment and just be thankful To KNOW!

So stick around, come back often. We are on The Leading Edge , of thought, of energy , of owning and declaring:

I am here, I am worthy, I matter and I have every right to Be Happy.

We will be utilizing simple tools, doing things just a bit different because no two people are the same yet we are all connected.

There is nothing magic or tricky here. In fact sometimes I laugh at the sheer simplicity of what it takes to Be Happy.

Its so simple, it plum evades us! Make no mistake, it’s not enough to just know this stuff, you have to Live it, Breathe it and share it,

Free of Charge.

We are programmed and the good news is “ we can deprogram ourselves.

Once we know how to turn the light on, you will rarely be in that “ dark night of the soul again “ and if you do find yourself back for a moment, you’ll recognize it, you’ll catch it and you will have the tools, the Vibration, your feelings will always tell you how your doing.

These are extraordinary times of great exploration but the answers are not out there, the answer to everything is within.

It’s an Inside Gig, it’s you, it’s me, it’s all of US together!

There is No Justice, there is

Just Us💜 We are the ones who are changing the world! How?!

One person at a time. You. Me. We can, each one of us, soften and change the Only thing we have any control of:

My heart, your heart, my mind your mind, and choices.

I love you and I want you to be part of this :

Revolution of Love and Unity Grace!

Goodnrg signing off, for now!

Be good to you!

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