Why I want to be The Best Me, Possible.

Because I learned, by contrast, I want to be an example of a life well-lived. Nothing makes me happier than “to know” that by doing what is of the highest good for myself that I also can empower someone else to take a risk, do the uncomfortable thing, make the mistakes, move forward after falling down and still¬†get to where you want to be. There is NO set way of doing. Find your own internal guide, get quiet enough to allow yourself to hear the answers. Play with it until you know the difference between the rambling of “The Monkey Mind” and Your Authentic Source of your inner being. Your sovereign state of coherence when body and mind synergistically are simpatico. Treat yourself as you would an honored guest, with respect. Choose daily to both learn and unlearn what will serve you best.

Remember you can only give to others what you have cultivated and grown for yourself. Words don”t teach, only Life Experience teaches, so no matter what mentor or Master you learn from you have got to “Take it for a ride yourself, play with it and see if it works for you. Then “You’ll Know” Real Knowing turns into Knowledge and that cannot ever be taken from you. Empower yourself and then you will go out and by your example empower others. Smile from your heart. Place your hands over your heart center, this brings the right and left hemispheres of the brain into coherence, like the Whales and the Dolphins. It calms the parasympathetic nervous system and regulates and strengthens the “Heart” the largest Electromagnetic Field in your body. You are literally increasing your capacity TO LOVE. When we love, we are kinder, softer, more open, more accessible , we vibrate with a frequency that goes far out into the field, empty space to manifest our deepest longings and desires. Things that we “Thought” ( lying Monkey Mind) will come to us BECAUSE we resonate with them. Stop and REAL IZE that… we can BE DO or Have anything we want. You”ve not been taught this but you can learn it now. Change your mind to matter, because how you think and what you think will determine what you see, how you see it and the quality of your life.

Are you ready to live the life you were meant to live? Do you want to be free from fear and self-sabotaging choices? Of course, you do!

#For My Son Who INspired me to be an Artist Of Life! I love you from the depths of my soul, all Ways.

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  1. One being at a time, in order for the world to transform, its got to start with us. Be kind, speak only about what you want, no complaining and or blaming. BE KIND

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