What Do You Believe?

One of the greatest tools available is your power of belief. Belief can turn ordinary into extraordinary realms.

Without believing, these powers are ignored, and with ignorance your lost in the noisy debris of common brain chatter… the illusion of doubt and fear control you.

The most powerful of all beliefs is the unwavering belief in your authority…. the immortal authority of your unique endlessness.

There are networks of neurons throughout your physical body filled with inclinations and influences that await the universal wind of these Masterful Beliefs. The Universal winds of belief blow possibilities into actualities, and then there is no end to ” the success you can experience”.

It’s the sum total of this programming … the combined influence of inclinations that determine which way your life travels…. with beliefs all of the available Spirit Guides, Angels, inclinations and insights are revealed…. Believing Does The Math.

This is Cosmic Geometry randomly asserting it’s influence through the collective consciousness.

You can step inside those commons when your uncommonly believing, here you reveal your Immortal Authority.. in actuality your not the Believer, you”r not even the belief…. Your The Believing.

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