Random Acts Of Kindness

I find it fascinating that all the “wise ones”
“The Great Ascended Masters” seem to agree on this one topic.. Kindness Matters.
Practicing RAOKS gives us the tools and awareness that when we tap into the kindness of our own beating hearts, when we “See” things and people through the lens of our awakened being, we organically begin to see and act on ways we affect another sentient being.I say sentient being because I very dearly want to include our animals too! These Acts of Kindness, and the things you can do become abundantly clear, the more you practice RAOKS , the more ways you will know when and where it’s needed most. Remember this isn’t a hard thing, something your going to plan, these opportunities to share love and kindness will find you. 
You will find synchronized moments provided divine meetings where you will “just know” from that beautiful place within what you want to do. It may just be a smile, talking to someone who desperately has needed connection. We will probably never know the magnitude or effect that “ Your” kindness imparts, and that’s okay. I don’t have to tell anyone what “kindness “ I gave or shared,
I am satisfied with the act itself. I am enriched by the exchange. I feel elated at times when I have witnessed the soothing, the lifting and I know I truly helped. That’s it! It’s enough.
I truly believe, with my heart that Kindness is what will change our world, one person, paying it forward. Let this ripple through us into the field of Gaia. Hearts lighting up!
Light overcoming Dark. Love above power.
Sharing and caring because it really IS
What we all want. Peace. Love and compassion for us all. So put this in “Your” field as you go about your day. 

Be that kind stranger who sees another and can be a mirror. Until next time, be good to you and spread that seed of kindness wherever and whenever you can. 

Love is the way!

Did you know that the sounds of nature and birds singing can recalibrate the mind. This Nature school has SO much to teach. 
The plants are our richest source of REAL medicine. The terpenoids alone are abundant and affect our physical and mental health.
We will be looking into the science and the study of Medicinal Cannabis. 
There is a reason it’s been demonized, it’s not accidental and it’s not accurate, but that’s for another time and we “WILL”be discussing.
There are currently many good sources, Green Flower, on-line is one of the best! 
You can empower and educate yourself on this “Miracle Plant” CBD and how to know the difference between Hemp derived and Full plant spectrum. 
It’s been “A Crime Against Humanity” that the current system has kept something, so effective, “with no side affects” causing no harm to the patient out of our reach, until NOW. Let’s educate ourselves, know our own bodies and trust ourselves to know when and how to get needed real medicine. 
Treating the root cause. Healing is an almost lost art form. But here’s some food for thought;
A medical system who hooks and creates disease for profit is NOT a Health system 
it IS a business. And it will cost you 
Your life.
The objective of a” The Healer” is to restore health, not mask symptoms.
We have got to get back to the core, the basics of Good Health, it’s a way of life,
Empower yourself with knowledge!

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