Goodnrg News

Goodnrg News today is that 
It’s never too late to have
A Happy Childhood! 
What does that mean? 
It means find a way to reconnect with that “ little kid” inside of you. It means that instead of following that “To Do” list that you give yourself a list of what makes your heart sing!
Try playing a instrument. Doing something you’ve never “ Let” yourself do before.
It means letting your Goodnrg cork rise up!
We are Energy beings and every time we sing,laugh,make merry we are raising that vibration. 
We will be discussing this a lot in the days ahead. There is abundant studies and information about how to change from the inside out. We are in constant change and as scary as it sounds, It ain’t Nothing but a meatball, ! In fact, some of what I will share, all of what I share, take what resonates and discard the rest. Nothing sticks unless we practice it and find it works for ourselves 
I love you all!

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