In this time of “ Great Awakening “ 
a lot of us have had to close down, like a theatre, go dark for renovations. 
I know for myself I questioned it many times. Why was I feeling so uncomfortable?
Why didn’t I want to be around certain people that I had always enjoyed before ? 
Was it me? What was I was missing?

Like all perceived “problems” what eventually came through was that our energies , our values were different enough to make me want to take a step back and reevaluate our connection or lack of connection. 
When I was truly honest with me, the solution presented itself clearly, I was changing.
What I could overlook before I wasn’t willing to to do anymore. Who I once welcomed in my space, I no longer could, 
It didn’t happen overnight, it came, one realization at a time, Inoticed the way I would feel after speaking or spending time with certain people, people that I love but maybe don’t resonate with at this time that it was my choice.. to continue or let go,
Do I try to fit in by swallowing my truth or do I speak from my heart that which I felt.
I chose to speak. I was cast aside, which was enlightening in and of itself. 
After some time to reflect, I know now that that WAS a crucial moment. I transcended what “ I thought” I needed and got what I deserve, Peace, calm and trust in my own sovereignty. Priceless.

I like this quote;
You’ll never see butterflies socializing with caterpillars. Even the species of nature understands the concept of disassociation after development. Some of us are too focused on “fitting in” when we ought to 

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