About Me

I am An Artist of Life… and I’m Co creating.

Since I was a child, I have been searching, learning and wanting to better my life in every aspect. I love to paint, to draw, write songs, and capture images with my camera. 
I Love music and the way it has always been a source of happiness, a way to get there, if I was unhappy, I could play music and feel better.
I love to take long periods of solitude, to be in nature and reconnect with what I believe is the most important discovery of all, my own voice.

My own inner being.
I write to express what I sometimes feel but
don’t have the courage, at the moment, to express. 
I’ve learned a lot about myself through this process. I’ve learned that I need to have time for myself. I like to be still, to receive guidance, to listen to that small ( not so small these days) voice inside.

I  “KNOW” I have guidance, allies and knowledge that comes through my ascended masters. I see it in my doggies eyes.
We call it many things, our knowing, our soul, our alignment with source. 
It is ALL of that and More! 
We are spiritual beings inhabiting these “flesh suites” and we came here to make our way, perhaps a difference in someone else’s life. We can empower ourselves by falling in love with who we really are, before the programming, before we found our own light. I always know when I’m on the right path by the way I feel. Our emotions never lie.
Right now, I’m feeling good! I’m looking forward to building a community here. One where we can share, without judgement.
We need love and kindness to permeate through the world so we “ Remember” What really matters is Love and connection.
I want it. You want it. Now is the moment we have been waiting for. 
A Revolution of Love.
One of my favorite things to do is to connect with people who I don’t know. My son always said that one day I had to find a way to reach more people, that what I had to share needed to be shared on a larger platform. So here I am.
I’m just like you! I’m learning from the Masters that have come before me. I’m here to share Goodnrg news, tips and guidance.
I hope you’ll stop by often, give us your thoughts and tell your friends!

Until next time , be good to yourself.
 Goodnrg is one way to get there!