Month: May 2019


In this time of “ Great Awakening “ a lot of us have had to close down, like a theatre, go dark for renovations. I know for myself I questioned it many times. Why was I feeling so uncomfortable?Why didn’t I want to be around certain people that I had always enjoyed before ? Was it me? What …

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Goodnrg News

Goodnrg News today is that It’s never too late to haveA Happy Childhood! What does that mean? It means find a way to reconnect with that “ little kid” inside of you. It means that instead of following that “To Do” list that you give yourself a list of what makes your heart sing!Try playing a instrument. Doing …

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Do You Know …

How just Being Kind is Changing The World? When you practice RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness) you are literally changing the vibrations that are rippling through the field here on Gaia.